Buying Land In Texas

A row of fence posts that surround a herd of cattle.

Owning your own plot of land is a dream for many, whether it’s a smallholding, a larger farm or any other reason, and there is nowhere better to claim that dream than by buying land in Texas. Texas land is very desirable, but it remains affordable land that is easily accessible. Making that choice is …

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Your Dream Home at Iron Bridge Ranch

A pond in front of a house at Iron Bridge Ranch in Texas.

Picture this…a small ranch style home nestled amongst majestic Oaks sitting on gently rolling hills of wide-open pastures with a small pond within view of your front porch.  We have this perfect dream piece of land ready for you!  Plus…bonus…this property is already tailored for those horses you have always wanted.   Wait..there’s more.   …

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The Texas Agriculture Exemption

The Texas “Ag Exemption” What it is and how it could save you money Texas Agriculture Exemption A Texas Ag exemption, as it is usually called, is a way for landowners to save a SIGNIFICANT amount on property taxes. The Texas agriculture exemption allows for a decrease in the amount of property taxes a landowner …

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Buy Land with Bad Credit: A step-by step guide

Buy Land with Bad Credit: A step-by-step guide Do you dream of owning your own land in the country? Perhaps you want to build a house, have space for recreation or create a small farm or ranch? Whether or not you plan to make a profit with your land or not, it is important to …

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Central Texas Homesteading

CENTRAL TEXAS HOMESTEADING “Homesteading” has become a buzzword all over the internet and to many, it may seem to be a relatively new idea, or at least a recent revival of an old concept. However, this seemingly new movement has deep roots and a large following that continues to grow daily. In central Texas, homesteading …

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Top Ten Reasons Everyone is Moving to Texas

 Top 10 Reasons Everyone is Moving to Texas According to the Census Bureau, between 2013 and 2014, Texas cities held 5 of the 10 spots on the “Top Ten Fastest Growing US  Cities” list. Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Forth Worth each rank in this list. These top five Texas cities each gained between …

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