New Tracts Added to Medina Meadows

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Texas Ranchettes: Why Have A Ranchette?

You may be reading this and thinking to yourself, what is a ranchette? And why should I want one? Well before we jump into all the benefits of a ranchette allow us to define it! A ranchette is a mini ranch or large home lot that is right past the suburban neighborhoods, and usually on …

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Texas long horn behind a gate in Texas

Central Texas Homesteading

“Homesteading” has become a buzzword all over the internet and to many, it may seem to be a relatively new idea, or at least a recent revival of an old concept. However, this seemingly new movement has deep roots and a large following that continues to grow daily.In Central Texas, homesteading has become more than …

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You Want To Buy Land….Now What?

Congrats on wanting to buy land! As you get started, make sure you have these 5 people on your team!