Why Buy Land In Caldwell County, Texas

Throwing a paper airplane into a blue Texas sky.

Caldwell County, Texas has a long history of providing excellent land for farming and other uses, with evidence of humans living in the area stretching back over 8,000 years. In more modern times, from Comanche to Green Dewitt’s colony, it has been a region that has seen success for those building a farm or ranch. …

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Buying Land In Texas

A row of fence posts that surround a herd of cattle.

Owning your own plot of land is a dream for many, whether it’s a smallholding, a larger farm or any other reason, and there is nowhere better to claim that dream than by buying land in Texas. Texas land is very desirable, but it remains affordable land that is easily accessible. Making that choice is …

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Your Dream Home at Iron Bridge Ranch

A pond in front of a house at Iron Bridge Ranch in Texas.

Picture this…a small ranch style home nestled amongst majestic Oaks sitting on gently rolling hills of wide-open pastures with a small pond within view of your front porch.  We have this perfect dream piece of land ready for you!  Plus…bonus…this property is already tailored for those horses you have always wanted.   Wait..there’s more.   …

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The Texas Agriculture Exemption

The Texas “Ag Exemption” What it is and how it could save you money Texas Agriculture Exemption A Texas Ag exemption, as it is usually called, is a way for landowners to save a SIGNIFICANT amount on property taxes. The Texas agriculture exemption allows for a decrease in the amount of property taxes a landowner …

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Texas Veteran Land Loans

Texas has a program that benefits Texas veterans through a program that finances the purchase of land. Curious to know if you qualify? Read on… All of our land is eligible for financing under the Texas Veterans Land Board. If you qualify for a Texas Veterans land loan, you can finance up to $125,000 of …

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