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Why Buy Land in Texas?

In a country with so many options, buying land to start a new life is becoming increasingly popular. Finding the right place to start that journey can be a difficult decision, but Texas brings a number of benefits that make land buying in Texas one of the most attractive options available to anyone in the U.S. today.

Dedicated Finance Options

Unlike property. You can’t simply go to your bank and obtain a mortgage for land. Texas is a big state with a lot of land, and it has the infrastructure in place to help you buy land to start your new life. Farm Credit Institutions specialize in loans for land, they understand your needs, Texas land values, and the entire process and will help you achieve your dream.

Affordable Land

Compared to many places, land in Texas offers great value. The exact cost varies depending on the location, but land in Texas is affordable, ensuring you get the most for your money. There is also so much choice, not just in terms of different plots, but in the type of land available. From lush farming land to tree filled areas that offer a playground for outdoor sports, whatever you may want to do, there is land available that offers the perfect environment.

Development freedom

Unlike some areas of the country, Texas respects your ownership rights. While suburban areas of Texas have planning controls, raw land does not. You will need to get approval from local authorities, but there is no state legislation to contend with, cutting down on the red tape that can often cause so much trouble.


Texas is a forward-thinking state that encourages investment, and that means there are incentives for those buying land in Texas, depending on the type of land being bought. There are both wildlife and timber tax exemptions available that can offer significant property tax savings, often knowing thousands of dollars off your final bill. If you use the land for farming, it is possible to use schedule F to write off farming expenses from your federal tax bill. This can include the interest on the loan used to buy the land along with construction loan costs if you are building property and other expenses.


Finally, and perhaps the best reason for buying land in Texas is the opportunity. From starting a farm to opening a vacation spot the options are endless. Camping grounds or a Bed and Breakfast, you can create a unique experience that will catch the imagination of those looking to experience Texas away from the cities. You could create a hunting or fishing paradise, a center for sports, or a hundred other things.

With utility companies willing to work with you to provide facilities on your land, endless possibilities for use and such a variety of environments all found within the state, whatever your dream, Texas land can make it come true.

A boy fishing on a pier at a Texas lake at sunset.