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Why are so many flocking to Texas?

For centuries, people across the globe would give anything to move to the United States where gold flowed out of every crevice and anything was possible. Obviously, there was some storytelling about the grandiose opportunities in America, but there was some truth as people were able to build lives from a hearty mix of hard work and ingenuity. The phrase the American dream has lost some of its grandeur over the years, and the idea of a robust economy is slipping before our eyes.

Well, not here in Texas.

Here, you can discover the ultimate American dream, the Texas dream. Moving to Texas offers abundant job opportunities, cheaper homes and land, lower cost of living, warm weather, great food, good schools and friendly people. People are starting to catch on and flee to the safe haven of the Texas hill country. Here is a list of reasons why people are uprooting their lives to move to Texas:


Texas brags of having the 2nd largest state economy in America with booming business opportunities in major cities, such as Dallas and Houston.  Fortune 500 companies have taken note and moved or started their businesses here, and big tech companies have followed suit. Texas boasts of a business-friendly political environment. According to one leading publication, Austin has been ranked as the number one place to live in the world.


If you are looking for your dream home at a price that is reasonable, Texas is the place for you. Costs can vary depending on where you decide to locate, but the median price of a home in Texas is right around $247,000, which is below the national average. In cities, houses average around $351,000, which is affordable when compared to cities nationwide.


The job market is booming with companies such as Tesla, based in Austin, bringing in additional jobs daily. Unemployment rates are impressively low in Texas, hovering beneath national averages, and demand in the job market is high. There aren’t just tech jobs available, in fact there is a wide field of opportunity in the market for different types of expertise and educational backgrounds. These include healthcare, oil, business, education, and more! These jobs pay well and are above national medians.


Another reason why people are moving to Texas is no income tax.  State income tax can be as high as 19% leaving less money to live on and invest.  Combined with lower cost of living the tax savings are multiplied even more.


Rather than having to look at a skyscraper for beauty, Texas expresses a raw beauty in its rolling hill-country and beautiful sunsets. Texas also boasts of secret swimming holes and grottos to cool down in the hot summers. Fall in love with places like Gorman falls, featuring kayaking, boating and more. Lie under the twinkling stars in the panhandle and soak in nature’s gifts.


Texas is truly the friendliest state. There is something unique about Texas hospitality that can’t quite be matched anywhere else. Inclusive, warm, and light-hearted, Texas people are people you want to greet you upon moving. Texas culture can’t quite be explained, but the camaraderie, fun-loving nature, and love for people is something everyone should experience!


Texas has been known to influence the most extreme sports doubter into a raving fan.  Friday night lights is no joke around here. Discover America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys, at the prominent AT&T stadium and fall in love with football! If baseball is your jam, look no further than the recent world champion Houston Astros for your new favorite baseball team! Football, baseball, soccer, you name it, Texas has it. With competitive sports teams at both a collegiate and professional level, Texas is the place to be.


Thinking about the kids? Texas is the place for you. With welcoming and safe neighborhoods and suburbs, great school districts, family fun, competitive sports, and community, Texas is a wonderful place for you and your kids. Trying to suit job and family needs can be challenging, Texas can help you find place where neither suffers.


Dallas is the gateway to a 4-hour fly to practically anywhere in the United States. You can even book a nonstop flight to Hawaii and be in a gorgeous tropical paradise in less than 8 hours!


With 70,000 miles of highway, Texas can provide the ultimate road trip, with stops like Palo Duro Canyon, Pace Bend Park, Big Bend, Marfa, and more. Stop at Austin and paddle board across the famous lady bird lake or discover the beautiful limestone formations at Hamilton pool! The opportunity for road trips is endless here! Click here to check out the best unique attractions in Texas.


Tired of inflated prices? Texas is ideal for making your paycheck go further, particular with no income tax! Even in big cities such as Dallas, the cost of living is affordable compared to nationwide averages! Live your dream at a cost you can afford.


Home cooking, barbecue, fried catfish, upscale cuisine, Tex-Mex, ribeyes, you name it, Texas has it! Known for its mouthwatering baby back ribs and unbeatable chips and dip, Texas food will be an experience in itself. Places like Austin appeal to every type of foodie, with vegan restaurants, taco trucks, coffee shops, and more! Everything really is bigger in Texas when it comes to food with endless options and delicious fares!


With 172 million acres of land in its borders, Texas is the place for those ranch or farm lovers out there. With gorgeous rolling hill country and wide open spaces, Texas can bring your land owning dream to life! If buying land interests you, check out our latest list of available properties by clicking here.