New Property Added: Cardinal Trail


Jadon Potts

Jadon is a licensed sales agent who works with clients all across Texas who are looking for their own slice of Texas real estate.


Jadon was motivated by his love for the profession and his desire to serve. He is a strong believer in the freedom and privacy that having your own property affords those who purchase it.

Professional History

I have been a licensed sales agent for a little over 2 years and I originally got into this business because I enjoy helping others and staying on the go.

Since then I have gained much more than I asked for in terms of experience and relationships with the people that I have worked with. I have enjoyed getting to learn more about the field and have recently enjoyed the opportunity to focus more on land sales.


Jadon is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in finance and plans to continue that education at Texas A&M University to get his Master’s in Real Estate.

Personal Interests

I like to be on the go and so my favorite activities are usually active.

I like to workout with my brother and friends and I enjoy playing any sport that has a ball in it.

Recently pickle-ball has become one of my favorites and I have been competing with my cousin any chance I get.

Favorite Personal Quote

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
– Ferris Bueller

What is your best tip for a buyer?

Move faster than the other buyers.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to buy land?

Make sure that you have the financing needed and then go for it as soon as you can.

Why buy land in Texas?

The biggest reasons in my opinion are the freedom and privacy that we attain from having acreage of our own. Being able to come home away from the noise of city life is invaluable in my opinion. Also, the beauty that God lays out in his nature is unmatched.

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Jadon’s Properties

Lytton Hollow Lot 7


1.564 acres


Dale, TX

Cardinal Trail Subdivision

Starting at $69,900

1 – 5.75 acres


Burnet, TX

Deer Creek Subdivision

Starting at $225,900

10.01 – 23 acres


Luling, TX

cows drinking from a pond under a tree in texas

Woodrow Ranch Subdivision

Starting at $249,900

11.04 acres


Kingsbury, TX

Vista Acres Subdivision

Starting at $199,900

2 – 4+ acres


Coupland, TX

yorktown ranch acres for sale near san antonio in texas

Yorktown Ranch Subdivision

Starting at $109,900

10+ acres


Yorktown, TX

duck haven featured image of field with flowers and fence

Duck Haven Subdivision

Starting at $169,900

11 – 12+ acres


Eagle Lake, TX

Medina Meadows Subdivision

Starting at $99,900

10 – 84 acres


D’Hanis, TX