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Searching For Land In Texas

Our current social and economic climate is driving people to make big decisions like buying land in Texas and looking for small ranches for sale in Texas.  People want to escape the ups and downs of city politics and the crowds of the local grocery store to find their very own piece of Texas countryside.  That escape can look like a small horse farm, a mini farm, a bardominium, or wide-open pasture to place your very own tiny home.

Like many people, you may be new to searching for land and are unsure on what steps to take.  There are so many places to search for Texas land for sale.  To start with Zillow, Craigslist, Land Watch, or Lands of Texas are great places to search for land for sale near you.  For craigslist, it’s always a good idea to search major cities like craigslist Dallas or craigslist Austin for land near those cities.

A tractor discing a field at sunset.

In your search, remember to also look for the type of financing offered for land.  Owner financed land in Texas is a great way to buy land and still stay within your monthly budget.

Two horses in a meadow in Texas.

Texas land for sale by owner is one of the many options that you have for financing your land.  Another option is if you are a veteran, you can take advantage of a Texas vet loan.  There are some important requirements for this loan so be sure to read up on it on the Veteran Land Board website.  You can also get traditional financing through a bank.  Your agent for the property can often help guide you on your financing path.

Finally, your search can be focused by narrowing down the acres that you are looking for in your property. 

A green field of grass with a Red Barn on the horizon.

Searching for “10 acres of land for sale” can really help to find exactly what you want and weed out all the other properties that may not fit into the land purchase you have planned for your family.  Getting your own slice of Texas land is just a few steps away.