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How To Use Your Land To Your Benefit

Buying land in Texas can be the start of a great adventure. Whether you’re intending to build a house, or have some acreage with an existing property, building that new life is one of the best experiences to enjoy. But if you end up owning land, you can do so much more than just build your home. Land is an opportunity to do more; it can even change your life by transforming how you earn a living. So, if you are thinking of buying property with land in Texas, here are some ways you can put that land to use and benefit from your acreage.


Garden beets freshly picked from the Texas soil.

Farming is not for everyone, however if you have land, it is always an option. Whether that is a large commercial farm on a large acreage you possess, or a smaller farm that caters to the local community, farming turns your land into a business. It is definitely something to look at closely before taking the plunge. If you don’t want to farm yourself, leasing land out to nearby farmers can prove profitable too.

On a smaller scale, growing enough food for your own consumption, keeping livestock for the same reason or a combination of both can make you almost self-sufficient, saving money but also allowing you a healthier diet free of chemicals if you wish.  Don’t be afraid to do your own thing.  Check out these tips from


A cowboy with his foot in a sturrup.

Getting away to the country is a popular way to spend vacation time for millions who live in cities all year round, and for those owning land, there are a number of ways to get involved. Ranch vacations are incredibly popular; giving visitors the opportunity to learn to ride, work cattle from horseback and so on. If you are buying a property with land it may already have all the fundamental equipment and accommodation needed.

There are other recreational uses too, if your acreage includes a riverbank, you can rent out fishing rights, or create mountain bike trails, a camper park or camping ground. If the land has a special feature, maybe its home to rare birds, or there are opportunities for hunting, you can create a service for visitors around that.

Recreational uses of land are extremely popular today, millions are looking for the wilderness our outdoor experience, being able to offer something authentic to cater to that demand could be worth thinking about when buying land.

Hi-tech businesses

Renewable energy is big business, and owning land means you can get involved. A large solar panel array can supply significant energy for electrical companies, so if your land is located near high-tension power lines, there is the possibility of creating a solar power project. It’s not just energy production that requires acreage, depending on where your land is, using your land to cite a cell phone tower could bring in income and improve local coverage too.

In addition to these, traditional incomes, such as leasing land to a billboard company if your land is next to a road, using a barn or other outbuilding as a venue for weddings or other events, growing Christmas trees, Pumpkins and so on are all options for benefiting from your land.


A rusted old barn in a green pasture.