Happy Father’s Day

As we celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, here are just a few reasons why we love having Dad around in the country!

1. No job is too big– It doesn’t matter if it’s building a new shed or planting vegetables for your homestead, there is no job too big for Dad. This is one of the big reasons why we love Dads! Dads are perfect at helping make the land feel like a home and helping us feel included in the process!

2. They check out the bumps in the night – When you’re buying land in Texas, you can be sure that you’ll hear some strange noises outside or find some unwanted critters on your property. We love Dads because they’ll be one of the first to go check out that strange noise or make sure that stray raccoon or snake is moved FAR AWAY from the house! Without Dad, who knows what would come crawling up around the house!

3. There’s always something to do – You know that when you’re with Dad on the property, there is always another project or something he’s working on. While he’ll probably get frustrated at times, he’ll always have a project for you to help with and it’s a great way to spend more time with him!

4. He’s not afraid to get dirty – One of the things we love about Dad is that he’s not afraid to get dirty! It can be planting seeds, cutting trees, or any number of things outside, Dad is never afraid to get some dirt on him. This is great because he’s able to help make the land look even better!

5. He has a plan – We also love Dad because he’ll almost always have a plan for how to make the property look even better! It may not always be the best plan at the start but we know that Dad will always be looking for ways to improve things. Without that planning, things wouldn’t look nearly as great as they do.

6. He reminds us to keep going – One thing Dad does best is reminding us that we can do more than we think we can! It doesn’t matter what we’re doing or if we’re helping him, he reminds us that it’s important to keep moving forward. Even when his projects go wrong on the property, he always finds a way to keep moving forward and that is a great example for us!

7. Great company – There is no one better to sit and watch a sunset with than a Dad. Whether it’s the jokes or stories he’s telling or just the contented peace of sitting in silence, Dad is always a great person to finish the day and enjoy the sunset. He can also be a great person to start the day with, but maybe after he’s had some coffee! No matter what though, there’s no one we’d rather spend time with on the land than with our Dad.

Dads can be lots of things and these are just a few of the reasons that we love our Dad’s this Father’s Day Weekend! Be sure to tell your Dad or father figure that you love them this weekend!

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