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Escape to the Country

Searching for some peace and quiet, look no further than country living. Ditch the traffic and noise, for freedom to experience a slow pace lifestyle.  If you’ve grown wary of traffic, city controls, poor air quality, and reduced safety, the country lifestyle is for you!   Experience a type of liberty you have never before felt and trade city lights for nights under canopies of stars. Breathe in fresh, unpolluted air and enjoy nature in a new way. Explore land that you own and taste the goodness of rural living! Living in a crowd can feel strangely isolating, but escaping to the country provides a sense of belonging that can’t be explained. If you’re exhausted and worn out from city living, here are 9 reasons to escape to the country!


Living in the Country allows for more freedom from regulations and allows for more expression of individualism.  There is no zoning in Texas counties and rural land owners can farm, raise animals, have a home office or shop without the concern for city regulations.  There are no oppressive rules on little things like how you can fly your state or US flag or how many Christmas lights you use, etc.  With plenty of space from neighbors each land owner has room and opportunity to live how they desire. 


Discover your dreams of producing crops and eating from your own garden! Avoid the pesticides and grow your own food fresh. Tired of being unhealthy, moving to the country can fast-track your health goals. Raising your own chickens, for example, can be a great way to stop spending extra cash, while still feeling certain about where your eggs came from. Between having a fresh garden full of delicious veggies and gathering eggs from your hen house, the joys of country living will leave you feeling healthier and satisfied. If you want to embrace the country lifestyle even more, buy a cow and drink fresh milk and other dairy products.


The fast-paced city lifestyle can leave you feeling disconnected from those around you and often create neighborhoods of strangers. The country is different because not only are their less people, but you can take the time to slow down and get to know your neighbors. Oftentimes people make lasting connections with their neighbors and look out for one another.  People in rural areas take pride in their local community and work together during tough times.  If you have a family, it can be a great way to connect your kids with people that care!


In the country, you can feel a sense of security like never before. Many people feel comfortable leaving keys in their cars and their homes unlocked. This is a luxury that can’t be translated to city living. Also, people know each other and look out for one another. If anything suspicious happens or trespassing occurs, it’s way more obvious than in the city. Also, research show that there is less crime in the country, so you and your family can feel a sense of safety that can’t be found in urban living.


We live in a crazy time with unforeseen or potential problems on the horizon. Living in the country can help protect you from the negative effect of unemployment and civil unrest that are hurting cities. In the country, you can disconnect from the chaos and go about your life without as much of it being affected by external events.


Waking up in the country is exciting, as the new day is full of potential and new opportunities! No more mundane routine or fighting traffic, rather embark on a day full of adventure and discover new hobbies in your backyard.


In the country, you can feel safe to let your kids be kids and explore the outdoors. Taking care of the chickens or helping you with the garden can be great ways to teach your kids responsibility and build character. Tired of your kids watching excessive amounts of tv, move to the country and instill a newfound sense of adventure in your children.


Sustainable living is doable with country living! You can acquire solar panels and attach them to your home or maybe drink water from your well! Some people utilize a rainwater collection system to repurpose a natural resource for year-round use. Also, by growing your own food, it is possible to be practically free from the uncertainty and scarcity of today’s food supply.


Being surrounded by nature can do wonders for your mental health. Surround yourself with an abundance of wildlife.  Enjoy deer, birds, foxes, and so many more species of animals while living in the country.  Imagine waking up to the songs of birds as opposed to traffic noise.   Enjoying a view of deer grazing from your back porch is a great way to wind down your evening. Enjoy an energizing walk and listen to birds or the way the wind rustles through the grass. Soak in the sunshine and breath in unpolluted air. Slow down and feel your anxiety drop as you allow the country lifestyle to refresh your spirit. You are surrounded by living things rather than concrete and asphalt. You can watch your garden grow and give life, reviving your own sense of being! Look up at night at the canopy of stars that were hidden by light pollution in the city. The beauty and tranquility of communing with nature is truly one of the greatest gifts of country living.  Read here about the effects of city life on mental health.

If you agree that the country is a magical place, it may be time to enjoy a few days out of the city for a short break or decide to purchase land in the country.   If you have interest in moving out to the country please visit check out our properties to find your perfect country escape.

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