New Property Added: Cardinal Trail


Festival Fun

Sometimes it’s hard to pick where you want to own your next piece of property. Getting out to local festivals is a great way to get to know the community where your property might be.

A Texas Armadillo in fall leaves.

What makes a Texan, A Texan?

Being a Texan is something to be proud of. We love our country and we love our state, we have a different way of seeing the world, but what is it really that makes any of us a true Texan? Being born here, living in this great state is not enough, there are some things …

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Home is where the heart is plaque on a wooden floor.

5 Things To Do To Entertain Yourself At Home

We live in strange times, and so many of us are now sitting at home waiting for this crisis to pass us by. At first it sounds great being at home, but a week in you’re playing Tic Tac Toe with the dog, and then losing! To avoid that, here are some ideas for things …

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The Adventure Begins mug with snow on it.

How To Use Your Land To Your Benefit

Buying land in Texas can be the start of a great adventure. Whether you’re intending to build a house, or have some acreage with an existing property, building that new life is one of the best experiences to enjoy. But if you end up owning land, you can do so much more than just build your …

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A row of fence posts that surround a herd of cattle.

Buying Land In Texas

Owning your own plot of land is a dream for many, whether it’s a smallholding, a larger farm or any other reason, and there is nowhere better to claim that dream than by buying land in Texas. Texas land is very desirable, but it remains affordable land that is easily accessible. Making that choice is …

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3 soldiers carrying backpacks and guns.

Texas Veterans And The Land Buying Process

Texas is unique in the country for offering a state program that helps Texas Veterans and Military Members a low down payment, low interest loan to enable them to buy land in the state. Such a program is only available in Texas, and it is testament to the value and appreciation the state has for …

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Two choice signs pointing opposite directions.

Why Buy Land in Texas?

In a country with so many options, buying land to start a new life is becoming increasingly popular. Finding the right place to start that journey can be a difficult decision, but Texas brings a number of benefits that make land buying in Texas one of the most attractive options available to anyone in the …

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A pond in front of a house at Iron Bridge Ranch in Texas.

Your Dream Home at Iron Bridge Ranch

Picture this…a small ranch style home nestled amongst majestic Oaks sitting on gently rolling hills of wide-open pastures with a small pond within view of your front porch.  We have this perfect dream piece of land ready for you!  Plus…bonus…this property is already tailored for those horses you have always wanted.   Wait..there’s more.   …

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