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A pond in front of a house at Iron Bridge Ranch in Texas.

Your Dream Home at Iron Bridge Ranch

Picture this…a small ranch style home nestled amongst majestic Oaks sitting on gently rolling hills of wide-open pastures with a small pond within view of your front porch.  We have this perfect dream piece of land ready for you!  Plus…bonus…this property is already tailored for those horses you have always wanted.   Wait..there’s more.   …

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Buying Land is as EASY as 1, 2, 3

Buying land is easy as 1,2,3. Let’s simplify the process into three steps and make buying fun and easy again.

Texas Veteran Land Loans

Texas has a program that benefits Texas veterans through a program that finances the purchase of land. Curious to know if you qualify? Read on… All of our land is eligible for financing under the Texas Veterans Land Board. If you qualify for a Texas Veterans land loan, you can finance up to $125,000 of …

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Central Texas Homesteading

“Homesteading” has become a buzzword all over the internet and to many, it may seem to be a relatively new idea, or at least a recent revival of an old concept. However, this seemingly new movement has deep roots and a large following that continues to grow daily. In central Texas, homesteading has been on …

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Tiny Houses: What’s it All About?

The Houses Tiny Houses. Tiny Homes. Little Houses. The Tiny House Movement. Odds are you’ve heard some combination of these words in the last couple of years and have at least a vague idea of what they are referring to. So just what is a “tiny house”? While definitions vary from a vague idea to …

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