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5 Things to Do This Summer In the Hill Country

While searching for land to buy in Texas you will soon learn we love to have a fun time during the summer and always find ways to keep cool! There is no shortage of things to do over the weekend in the Hill Country this summer! We highly encourage you to visit nearby towns while considering your property purchase as a great way to get to know the area.  Consider the community surrounding your next land purchase. The size, price, location of your piece of property matters but the community it sits in should also be a factor in your land buying decision. Here are 5 things you can do that will make your summer even BETTER!

1. Night time Kayaking – You can beat the heat AND see wildlife you’ll never see before by going on a night time kayaking trip! There is even a local family of beavers that you might be able to see while kayaking the San Marcos River at night!

2. Wine and Dine – Even if you can’t get to Italy this summer, there’s no shortage of beautiful wineries in the Hill Country! You can spend the weekend going on the Urban Wine Tour in Fredericksburg AND see all of the great small towns in the area!

3. Cannon Ball – If there’s one thing Texan’s have figured out is staying cool in the summer! You can explore many natural springs in the Hill Country like Barton Springs and Jacob’s Well in Austin! If floating is more your speed, the Comal and San Marcos Rivers are PERFECT this time of year!

4. Connect with Nature – If your idea of a great weekend is spending it out in nature, you won’t be disappointed! Garner State Park is full of beautiful hiking and has a river you can soak in when it gets hot! There are all stores of state and local parks you can explore!

5. Dance the night away – Two stepping, barn dances, and line dances are a staple for Texas Nights! You can check out any one of a dozen dance halls for a great night of dancing! Gruene Hall is FAMOUS for it’s live music and dancing! Wherever you decide to go, you won’t be more than 20 minutes from a place where you can enjoy a night of dancing!

We’re biased but we think that Texas has some of the BEST FUN around! Check out this page to see even more things you could do this summer!

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