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3 Key Considerations When Buying Land in Texas

If you have decided to start looking to buy land in Texas, here are three considerations that will help you narrow down your search when going through the listings and ultimately deciding which piece of land to buy.

Key Consideration #1: Usage restrictions and zoning parameters.

Local authorities establish usage restrictions and zoning parameters on land to ensure that communities make sense and that neighbors can live together peacefully, that the natural environment is protected, and that the economic needs of communities are met. 

There is a reason that businesses operating heavy machinery aren’t allowed in residential areas or that certain agricultural activities are restricted to prevent contamination of communal water sources. Or that there is a set ratio of house size to property size in a rural area to avoid having houses built on top of each other. Most of these restrictions or zoning parameters are meant to keep the area around you beautiful!

Whether or not you agree with all zoning parameters or usage restrictions set by the local authorities, you have to consider them when buying land. Buying land and ignoring zoning parameters and usage restrictions can be an expensive mistake. It could end up with paying an expensive fine, having to demolish a house that you have built, or losing your livelihood if your business is shut down. 

Key Consideration #2: Utility and road access.

Once you start looking to buy land outside of city limits, there is a chance that land is not already connected to utilities or linked up to existing roads.

Almost everything is possible in life, but it usually costs time and money. If you are purchasing land that is not yet linked to utilities or existing roads, you’ll need to work with the local government to get those setup, but it’ll take time. Also, the local authority may expect you to pay all, or a portion, of the costs. 

Another option that might be attractive is to live off the grid and not use utilities provided by a local authority. This will come with its own time and cost considerations and can involve installing solar panels or drilling a well for water.

At Lonestar Land Sales, we ensure that you always have road access to your property. We also ensure that water and electricity are available to the property. They can then be routed to your new home based on where it is on the property!

Key Consideration #3: Location, location, location.

The choice of location is closely linked to the lifestyle you want to achieve with your piece of land.

Are you hoping to be out in the countryside, far away from neighbors and city life?

Or do you still need reasonable access to a town or city because you need to commute to a job or get your kids to school?

Texas is a large state and a wide variety of land is available to meet all needs and tastes. 

But, what do you want?

The three considerations outlined all come down to where you want to buy land and what you want to do with it.

If you are ready to buy land this year and are looking for land near Austin, Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio, then check out the properties listed on our website. We’ll put you in touch with one of our land experts who can help you weigh these considerations to find the perfect piece of land for you! 

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