Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses: A not so tiny idea

A not so tiny idea

Tiny house in Texas

Tiny Houses are built to last as long as traditional homes. They typically use traditional building techniques and materials, and they are aesthetically similar to larger homes. There are a number of reasons for the growing popularity of tiny houses. Perhaps the main reason is the portable nature of tiny houses. They are typically built on double-axle trailers, allowing them to be towed wherever the owner chooses to live or have a vacation home. Another reason tiny houses in Texas have grown in popularity is the significant difference in building costs. The average cost of building a tiny home is anywhere from $10,00-$45,000, depending on how basic the builder goes. As a result of these features, the tiny house movement is growing everywhere, including Texas.

However, due to their size they are often restricted within city limits. Many county developments have restrictions intended to keep out single-wide mobile homes, which result in keeping out tiny houses as well.

We have amended our restrictions on most of our central Texas properties to allow tiny houses and small houses! This is exciting news for the tiny house movement in Texas! We also offer owner financing on most properties, so getting started is easier than ever! Tiny houses in Texas are ideal for those who want to simplify their lives, live off grid, or downsize.

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