Top Ten Reasons Everyone is Moving to Texas

     Top 10 Reasons Everyone is Moving to Texas

Texas longhorn

According to the Census Bureau, between 2013 and 2014, Texas cities held 5 of the 10 spots on the “Top Ten Fastest Growing US  Cities” list.

Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Forth Worth each rank in this list. These top five Texas cities each gained between 18,000 and 36,000 between 2013 and 2014. And the growth is still going strong. There are a host of factors causing this growth in the Lonestar state, ranging from employment rates to Texas culture. Here are the Top Ten Reasons Everyone is Moving to Texas:

Buildings in the Dallas Texas

Buildings in Dallas Texas

  1. One of the lowest unemployment rates in the US – Texas as a whole has an unemployment rate of 4.1%, compared to the 5.1% US average.
  2. Jobs –  
    Conoco Bldg.

    Conoco Bldg.

    The median income for the state of Texas is $62,277, which is by some estimates, 20% higher than the national average. Especially in the oil industries and tech industries, Texas has a high number of jobs available.

  3. Affordable housing – Despite the growth and the booming job market, housing remains affordable when compared to many metropolitan areas, making it easier for new residents to buy houses or land on which to build.
  4. No personal income tax or corporate income tax – Texas doesn’t have a state income tax or a corporate income tax, allowing employees to keep more of their hard-earned money to use how they choose. This is also an attractive point for business owners and entrepreneurs.
  5. Inexpensive land – The land around the major metropolitan areas of Austin, San Antonio and Houston is still relatively inexpensive compared to the land around other metropolitan areas. This, combined with the the high rankings for job availability and median income, make Texas land a great investment opportunity for homeowners and land developers.


    Texas Bluebonnets

  6. Southern Hospitality –
    Skyscraper in Dallas Texas

    Skyscraper in Dallas Texas

     No one can deny that Texan hospitality is as warm as the sunshine. If the previous five reasons aren’t reason enough, then the warm welcome of the South may change your mind.

  7. Low cost of living – Texas scores a 90 for overall cost of living, below the national average by 10 points. In the housing category, Texas scores an 81, compared to the national average of 100.
  8. Texas BBQ – There’s a reason Texas is the world-famous destination for BBQ lovers. Some of the most well-known and sought-after BBQ is produced in Texas. It has the highest number of BBQ joints of any state. Boasting such places as Stubb’s and Franklin’s in Austin, City Market in Luling, Black’s in Lockhart, and Snow’s in Lexington.
  9. Warm weather – While it is possible to see snow in Texas, it is never much, and never lasts long. And the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons have such an abundance of sunshine. Texas has enough sunshine for two growing seasons for farmers and gardeners alike.
  10. Cowboy Boots and Hats –  Texas is one of the few states where cowboy boots and hats are not only accepted, but nearly expected. If the Western look is your thing, or even if it isn’t the freedom to wear a ten-gallon and a pair of Justins may just be the best reason to move to Texas.photo_34753_20141117