Land For Sale In Central Texas

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We are here to help you acquire affordable land in a location you desire. We have all types of land to fit your needs.

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Owner Financing

We provide many financing options that cater to your personal land buying needs. If you want land, it doesn't get easier than this.

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Serving Texas Veterans

We sell Texas Veteran Land. Our land qualifies for financing under the Texas Veterans Land Board. You can finance up to $125,000 of land with 5% down.

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You Can Own Land!

If you are looking for owner financed, Central Texas land, then you are in the right place. Much of the San Antonio and Austin Acreage that we sell is for sale by owner finance. Central Texas Land, including Austin land and San Antonio land, is still reasonably priced relative to other highly populated states. Central Texas land has a variety of terrains including rocky hill country, flat treeless farm land, and rolling oak covered sandy loam. Within 60 miles you can find each of these terrains.